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Our mission is to bring quality healthcare services at a less cost within the reach of the people of our country and to ensure promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care to all people, especially to the poor and the disadvantaged, irrespective of cast and creed. We have a specific mission evident in the motto, “Service with love”. Instead of taking ‘extra charges’ from the patients, we take ‘extra care’ to see that the poor patients, irrespective of cast and creed are given special consideration and concessions. We spare competition to share competence and THE MARKS GROUP is an all-human’s heaven.


The vision of THE MARKS GROUP is to provide the best healthcare services at minimum cost which started in the year 1995 with an endless journey of excellence.


To excel in all fields of health care delivery, education and research.Δ To show compassion for all and to serve preferentially the poor, vulnerable and marginalized.Δ To make quality health care services available, affordable and accessable to all:› By providing free/subsidized treatment to poor and needy patients. › By striving to keep the cost of treatment at the minimum.› By designing and promoting health insurance schemes to ease the burden of cost of treatment.› By encouraging and enabling people from poor socio-economic backgrounds to take up health care education.Δ To promote health education, training and research:› By developing human resources comprising of doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, support staff, administrators, social workers, chaplains and volunteer health workers.› By encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to health care.› By remaining in the forefront of the medical care through continuous update, relevant research and development activities in different branches of medical and related sciences


1995 Established MARKS ENT CLINIC2001 Established 50 bed General Hospital2003 Established MARKS Institute of Medical Technology (MIMT) a 4 years Diploma Course2007 Established 10 Unit ICU and CCU facilities2007 Established 5 bed Hemo dialysis unit2008 Start 4 years B.Sc course under MARKS Institute of Medical Technology (MIMT)2008 Approval of MARKS Dental College (MDC) from Ministry of Health and Welfare2009 Admit 50 students for Bachelor of Dental Surgeon (BDS)2011 Approval of MBBS Course under MARKS Medical College and Hospital (MMC)2012 Approval of 20 more seats for MBBS Course under MARKS Medical College and Hospital (MMC)2012 Approval of 250 beds – General Hospital 2013 Approval of 350 beds – General Hospital.


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